A Letter from Mondo

Mondo was expected back during April of 2006 but when he failed to show up for a few scheduled engagements it was discovered that he had some trouble with US immigration in Canada, couldn’t board a return flight and was barred from entry to the U.S. This note came through in late May.

To All My Fans in the States:

Thank you all for your letters of inquiry and concern. All is well, despite complications with my legal status that hinder my entry back into your country. These are perilous times when innocents like Mondo can be trapped in the sinuous net cast by a terrorized police state.  It would seem that a confluence of my personal politics, undeclared country of origin and reputation as an artistic expatriate has flagged my record in a secret data file stored in the government’s sentient supercomputers. A bit was flipped, a watch list generated and I was detained from boarding a flight to Boston from Québec City. Though my fame as an entertainer is legend, it’s immaterial. I now see that reason is first to flee in our post-Year Zero world and panicked New Inquisition bureaucrats hold sway over our basic liberties.

Happily, I am staying in pleasant Edmundston with kind friends and longtime fans Guy and Marie and they have room to accommodate my lifestyle for as long as it takes to resolve this unfortunate business. The culture and cuisine here are excellent and Guy has a huge library of French progressive rock that’s sure to provide hours of enjoyment while I pass away the time… a rock ’n roll exile caught in the undertow of fading empire. 

Fret not, my friends, Guy tells me the border is like Camembert and he knows a few routes across and back. So, perhaps I can book a solo tour and play a show in your area when the moon is ripe and the spirit moves. Of course, such an enterprise entails some risk. That’s why I hesitate to involve my associates in Streaker who may already regard Mondo as a career liability and I won’t make treasonous felons of them (love ya lads– cheers!) 

But I, your humble troubadour, remain fearless in the face of tyranny and I pledge to rock ever onward, armed with only guitar, voice and a pair of shades that will be a prism of truth, through which I glare straight into the black heart of the beast and never flinch.

Be seeing you! 


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