Mondo’s House of Wax

Songs are from the unfinished rock opera, Mondo’s House of Wax.

The story:
Long underrated and ignored by the music biz, aging glam rock star Mick Mondo’s cult status explodes into mainstream mega-stardom when he is redicovered, reissued and repackaged. This autumnal recognition arrives too late. Scarred from a life in the rock’n roll trenches, Mondo abruptly breaks up the band and withdraws into his newly-purchased mansion, crammed with the dusty mannequins from an old wax museum that had been slated for demolition. One evening, (after a few whiskeys) Mondo, surrounded by these historical legends, saints and sinners, strikes up a conversation – and they respond. This dialectic forms the basis of the Wax work, with Mondo engaging in musical discourse with superstars of history, whose perspective and experience teach valuable lessons.

Meet -n- Greet

Jesus on Mars

Where Were You Then?

It’s No Fun Anymore

Gossamer Charade

Do It For the Show

All songs written by Mick Mondo © 1996
Performed by Mick Mondo and Streaker


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