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You’re Not Alone!

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Re-animated (yet again)

After a year-long sabbatical, Mondo returns to the stage on Thursday, May 28 to help Butterscott celebrate the release of their new album,  The Slick Overproduced Commercial Pop Thing

8:00pm May 28, 2015
Cuisine En Locale
156 Highland Ave
Somerville, Massachusetts
(617) 285-0167

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As Above, So Below

Saturday, December 14, 2013
Middle East Upstairs
472-480 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02139

Astrologers say a comet in the heavens is a portent of calamity and doom. I say it merely presages the return of this lonely old wanderer to the stage after many aeons have passed. The Flying Dutchman is again conjured into this world by kindred  spirit, auteur and provocateur John Surette (Boys Life) to perform an opening solo set at the world premiere of his punk-rock opera “Tomorrow The World“.  The Grand Alignment of Stars in orb that night is not to be missed!

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Bastille Day Redux!

Mondo will again share his joie de vivre  with Shaun Wolf Wortis  and friends at

The 18th Bastille Day – A-Go-Go!! -
New Orleans Rhythm & Blues Spectacular

Featuring The World’s Greatest Rhythm & Blues Bands
Shaun Wolf Wortis &
The Legendary Vudu Krewe All-Star Mardi Gras Band Mutual Perseverance Benevolence Aid Association (Bone In)

T.T. The Bear’s Night Club
10 Brookline Ave. Cambridge Tickets $10
Fri. July, 15

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Mondo Haunts Regent with SlipKid

Must be the Season of the Witch, for I am entranced by the supernatural hold of SlipKid and at the waxing of the Moon, will thrill once again with them in the raising of ancient song.

SlipKid channels the spirit of The Who with “Tommy”
The Regent Theatre
Saturday, October 24th, 2009
7 Medford Street
Arlington, MA 02474
All Ages

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Bastille Day A-Go-Go

Mondo guest appearance at the 16th Annual
Bastille Day A-Go-Go

All the world over, amplified power chords of freedom feed back in glorious cacaphony and as we celebrate Bastille Day, Mondo is delighted to join Shaun Wolf Wortis and the Vudu Krewe All-Star Mardi Gras Band in the 16th Annual Bastille Day A-Go-Go.  There will be a cavalcade of stars beside myself, such as Jen D’Angora, JJ Rassler, John Powhida, Jordan Valentine, Asa Brebner, and the incomparable Al Janik.  Join us for a rollicking evening of excellent New Orleans R&B!

Saturday, July 18, 2009
70 Union Square, Somerville, MA 

More info at:

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Mondo Returns with SlipKid, April 11, 2009

Mondo joins his friends SlipKid April 11 at The Hard Rock Cafe in Faneuil Hall

Through the Vernal Vortex, I am returned! Incarnate once again!
Live on stage at the Hard Rock Cafe in Faneuil Hall, April 11

Sly sorcerers SLIP KID conjure up a heady brew which Mondo can’t resist… I am honored to join these rock alchemists in raising up songs of the Illuminate Ones.

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Mondo & The Speaker

Autumnal Greetings, my friends!

I have seen the Speaker and it is large. A good thing– as I have three hours in which to plumb its mystery and entertain patrons of the arts and lovers of rock ‘n roll.

So, come! Thursday, October 23rd will be a lovely autumn evening in which to amble down to the Massachusetts College of Art and catch Mondo perform at the Speaker Project from 6pm to 9pm. Admission is free!

We have much to speak about!

Be Seeing You!


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